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The Third Advanced Workshop on Innovations and Modeling for Sustainable and Resilient Concrete Pavements aims to bring together experts in concrete materials characterization, mechanics, modeling, and design to critically discuss and develop concepts to address existing limitations, lack of knowledge, and future direction for improvement of concrete pavement analysis, design, and construction.

Workshop Background

This workshop will be the third in a series of fundamental workshops sponsored by the International Society for Concrete Pavements (ISCP). The first in this series of workshops was held in Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA in August 2005. The second in the series of workshops was held in Berkeley, California, USA in August 2008. The theme of the 2012 workshop will be “Theoretical Modeling Requirements for Sustainable Concrete Materials, Technologies, and Rigid Pavements”. All persons with interest in this theme are welcome to participate.

Workshop Format

  • Every participant must submit a short abstract by February 15, 2012 under one of the themes listed in the program.
  • Speaking participants will make a 10-minute presentation and lead a subsequent 20-minute group discussion on the topic.
  • There will be two keynote speakers to stimulate the discussion of the workshop.
  • At the end of the workshop, recommendations will be developed for presentation at the 10th International Conference on Concrete Pavements as well as posted on ISCP LinkedIN group.


Potential attendees should contact the workshop organizers by February 15, 2012 with their intention to participate in this workshop. If you are planning to attend, please indicate whether you intend to bring any guests to the workshop location as well.


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