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ISCP Organizational Members

ISCP-Sponsored Events

January 10, 2015
Marriott Marquis Hotel
Room Liberty Salon L on Meeting Level 4
Washington, DC, USA
Annual ISCP Board and Open Membership Meeting

August 28-31, 2016
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Organized by ISCP
11th International Conference on Concrete Pavements

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University of California Pavement Research Center

ISCP Organizational Member since 2006

Pavement research has been conducted at the University of California Richmond Field Station since 1954. This research program was formalized as the Pavement Research Center (PRC) in 1994 with major support from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). After more than a decade of research and development on a wide range of subjects for rigid and flexible pavements -- including accelerated pavement testing, materials testing, design analysis, development of construction analysis, life-cycle analysis, field performance and traffic management tools -- the Center has grown and now occupies space at two University of California campuses, Berkeley and Davis. In 2006 the Center was officially renamed the University of California Pavement Research Center (UCPRC)

Dedicated to providing knowledge, the Center’s mission is to use innovative theoretical and applied research and sound engineering principles to improve pavement structures, materials, and technologies and serve the people of California. The program’s work is achieved through the collaborative efforts of its faculty, staff, and students, and its research partners, which include Caltrans and other leading research institutions both in the U.S. and internationally

The UCPRC supports these aims with a range of pavement testing methods, including maintaining and operating the two Heavy Vehicle Simulators (HVS).

Operational Countries

USA, South Africa


pavements, accelerated pavement testing, HVS, concrete, asphalt, education, research

ISCP Contact

Dr. John Harvey
UCPRC Director
1353 S. 46th St, Bldg. 452
Richmond, CA 94804
Phone: (530) 754-6409