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January 10, 2015
Marriott Marquis Hotel
Room Liberty Salon L on Meeting Level 4
Washington, DC, USA
Annual ISCP Board and Open Membership Meeting

August 28-31, 2016
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Organized by ISCP
11th International Conference on Concrete Pavements

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Robert Rodden

September 29, 2014 -- ISCP has contracted Mr. Robert Rodden, P.E., to serve as the Executive Director of the Society effective September 1, 2014. Robert graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. (2004) and M.S. (2006) in Civil Engineering, and is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Illinois, USA. Robert brings significant non-profit experience in strategic planning, web development, and implementation of organizational goals to this newly created position from his eight-year tenure at the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). As an ISCP member since 2007, he has been involved with our conference production and newsletter technical editing, and is a member of the technology transfer committee. His unique skills and experience in developing platforms for technology transfer will be vital as he helps guide the Society forward.

The role of the ISCP Executive Director is to manage the day-to-day administration of the Society and coordinate its affairs and activities—especially concerning membership and technology transfer. To address these issues, Robert has drafted a 15-month strategic plan for building organizational membership participation, engaging members through web-based technology, producing webinar presentations, and promoting regional workshops. He has also generated an aggressive effort on building value for both individual and organizational members. This effort includes an extensive redevelopment of the ISCP website and its features, as well as rebranding of the logo. With feedback from the executive committee, this strategic plan and rebranding effort will be refined and presented to the ISCP Board in the near future.

As the ISCP Executive Director is a part-time position, Robert will continue to work as the Senior Director of Pavement Technology at ACPA on a half-time basis. Robert can be contacted by e-mail at:

April 28, 2014 -- Full proceedings (CD only) from the 1st through 10th International Conferences on Concrete Pavements can be purchased on the ISCP website by visiting the ISCP Publications Store.